Northern Lashes is a Revolutionary Lash brand.

They are more than just a lash company. Northern Lashes have researched the world of beauty to bring to you one of the first lash brands to be 100% eco-friendly. They have been searching to find a non-plastic alternative to their packaging. They are very proud to say that they have conquered this.  Northern Lashes are vegan , 100% biodegradable and cruelty free. So much more than simply another lash brand.  Northern lashes have a mission statement, heading an anti-bullying campaign.  Northern Lashes are leading the way working closely with charities to stand up and be heard , to be confident from within and to stand proud. Having inner confidence as well as outer confidence when wearing the lashes.

There are exciting plans for a lavish launch party in September and an influencer / salon brunch as well as plans to take the anti-bullying campaign on tour to schools and colleges. Northern lashes have teamed up with head influencer for the campaign Rebecca Mac and the support of their PR company The Edge Events. Northern lashes recently attended The Grand Finale organised by their PR company The Africa UK Pageant as one of the main sponsors & attended with World Privilege Plus a main sponsor too and one of their models (wearing the lashes). 

For PR enquiries contact: [email protected]. Find Northern Lashes at Follow @northerenlashesltd Photo Credit: Chima Luke 

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