There are basically three types of people when it comes to sleep: Those who fall asleep in their bed when they’re tired (can you imagine?), those who can fall asleep literally anywhere and in any sleep position, and those who desperately try to sleep but can’t and end up watching seven hours of nothing on Netflix. Well, the answer to a good night’s sleep may be to invest in a Mela Weighted Blanket which has helped thousands of people get the wonderfully restorative sleep they need to stay healthy. If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or just have problems sleeping, a weighted blanket might be just what you need to feel soothed, so you drift off at night.

Weighted blankets are designed to provide warmth and gentle pressure on the body, similar to the feeling of being held or hugged. Sounds sweet, doesn’t it? These blankets also help as therapy blankets for people with nervous system disorders. World Privilege Plus members get a 15% discount on all Mela products. Click to see more

And if this is not enough why not add some Luxury Sleep Accessories from Masters of Mayfair. I used the Mandarin & Lime Pillow & Sleep Spray (120ml) Made using 100% natural essential oils, the citrus sleep mist will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. The zesty orange and refreshing lime create a divine uplifting ambiance, perfect for transforming your home and bedroom. World Privilege Plus members get an amazing 20% discount on products including luxury sleep masks, travel pillows, and compression socks for work, travel.

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