What is Spiritual Wellness?

As a word “spiritual” can have many meanings to many individuals. What comes to your mind?

Contemporary practices are bringing to light the expansive understanding that lays behind the context of spiritual wellness. For example, Tony Robbins’ definition is having made “peace with your life” or creating a “cycle of positivity”.

When I mention spiritual wellness I speak of your connection to yourself, which in turn is your connection to the highest energy. Which begs the question, what is ‘self’?

What is Spiritual Wellness?

Spiritual wellness is a topic with many twists and turns, a maze, a sky full of possibilities. Here, I say ‘self’ to mean your soul and your inner alignment. Focusing on these aspects allows you to connect to your higher self, to your heart and to your purpose. Creating an understanding of YOUR truth and learning what resonates with you deeply. Finding your inner peace. A path of self-discovery. Not everyone resonates with this topic because we are all on a unique path. Ask yourself: “how does ’spiritual wellness’ resonate with me?”

A focus on spiritual wellness is a focus on what brings you back to your centre, which feels especially important during times of uncertainty and change. In a society full of responsibilities and others, one of the best things we can do for each other is to look after ourselves. Finding what works for you requires patience, self-awareness and adapting to your constant evolution.

These days you can switch on your closest connection to the outside world, be it social media or the latest trending podcast, and you will notice someone alluding to how to become your “best self.” How can you be sure whose voice to listen to? I would like to throw what I believe is a better question out there for you to ask yourself: “How can I turn inwards to tune into myself?”

Just as with anything spiritual, we already have a plethora of questions! Let’s focus it in shall we: what can you do to nurture your spiritual wellness? Firstly, begin to get to know YOU. This is the most important aspect of your journey. This is your beginning and your ongoing priority. There are many questions to ask yourself, all varying based on your current situation and the experiences that have shaped this very version of you right here, right now. My guidance is to break it down. Your life holds different areas that make up you as a whole. Take some time reflecting on these areas and how fulfilled you feel in each. This will allow you to recognise what steps need to be taken towards you aligning with what is true to you. These steps can even be minor adjustments.

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There are many pathways to consciously venture your journey of spiritual wellness. Your path is personal, you get to discover what aligns with you. Perhaps you have tried more well known methods such as meditation, yoga, embodiment, breath work, retreats – or maybe you are still to taste the flavours available to you. My journey of self-discovery unfolded throughout much self-reflection, solitude, conscious connection, adopting practices such as grounding, discipline, exploring my chakras, dance, balancing my energies, adapting my preferences, to name just a few! A very important aspect which we won’t focus on here too much is that to get to the point of understanding what brings you into alignment requires a deep understanding of what takes you away from your inner alignment. It is also important to understand that, though we operate individually, we are a collective with each one of us influencing the other. Whether this be directly or via less obvious means such as energy exchange.

As you can see, there is endless depth to this topic of spiritual wellness. It is not something that can be boxed into one size fits all. It requires an open mind and a willing heart to travel along the, often, winding roads. One thing I can say for certain and perhaps you will agree: it is never a “boring” adventure.

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