How are you meant to sit at work?


Seems crazy to think you don’t know how to sit right?

No, most people don’t realise (including ourselves) that sometimes the way you sit is harmful for your posture and changing a few bad habits can save you a world of pain in the future. 

How should I sit?

If like me you work long hours on a computer theres a good chance you’re doing it all wrong. Here is how it should be done:

1. Support your back!

Keep your upper back straight and make sure you have a good supporting chair so your lower back is properly supported. Your lower back has a natural curve that needs to be supported by your chair, this will reduce strain dramatically.

2. Adjust your chair correctly.

Make sure your forearms and wrists are parallel to the floor and elbows by your side in an L shape. This will help prevent RSI.

3. Keep your feet on the ground.

Rest your feet so they’re flat to the floor, if this isn’t possible get a footrest, they don’t cost much and your work will probably buy you one. Keep your knees just slightly lower than your hips and if you’re one of those odd ones resist the urge to cross your legs as this may contribute to other posture related problems.

4. Keep your screen at eye level.

Your monitor should be at eye level and about an arms length away. This may be hard for some of your freelancers out there sat in a coffee shop on your laptop. But there are subtle laptop stands out there that will do the job! Not doing this will result in your neck bending down which will eventually become uncomfortable.

5. Keep your mouse and keyboard close by.

Your keyboard should be in front of you when typing (obvious?). Leave around 4 to 6 inches between the front of your desk so you can wrest your wrist. Keep your mouse close and even use a wrist pad to keep your wrist straight, keep those awkward movements to a minimum.

6. Don’t sit for too long and take regular breaks.

It is very easy to get engrossed in your work and before your know it half the day has gone by. Try not to sit in the same position for long, make sure you change positions as often as possible. Regular short breaks are far better for your back than one long one, give your muscles a chance to relax.

Find what suits you and your place best, you have 6 easy and effective way to prevent back and neck pain and even reduce a chance of problems in the future.

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How to keep your staff motivated


We have all had those days when it’s harder to get out of bed or stuck on a task that just wont finish. So why wouldn’t your staff feel the same? How can we keep them motivated?

Recognition of success:

Although giving criticism is an important part of guiding employees to the rite path, it’s important to also points out the good things. Often jobs are stressful and employees have a lot of weight on their shoulders, sometimes a positive comment can go along way and just trusting your employees to do the job, after all you hired them for a reason.

Social Time:

Chatting with your peers can help your struggling staff, by talking and socialising they can learn and talk about what’s bothering them and find people in a similar situation as well as looking at the problem in a different perspective.

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How to keep your staff motivated with World Privilege Rewards

Keeping your employees happy

World Privilege Plus makes it easy for companies to delight their employees with the cool rewards provided through a closed membership platform. Stop thinking about rewards for your staff as purely one size fits all, we personalise the offers to fit your customer needs.

Our Rewards:

Our rewards programmes compliment any traditional offers you may run, as employees respond especially well to rewards that register in their emotional memory – such as a well-deserved weekend away, reservations at an otherwise-impossible-to-get-into restaurant, or tickets to see their favourite sports team crush their oldest rivals.

Get in Contact:

We’re ready to listen. It’s a great way to start. And we have a compelling story to share with you.
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Menswear Style

Menswear Style is a mens fashion blog, style blog and lifestyle blog based in London providing menswear tips and menswear advice to the UK. They write about menswear trends, menswear news and feature mens fashion designers in articles and reviews daily.


First launched in April 2012 MenswearStyle is an award-winning independent daily online men’s fashion, male grooming and men’s lifestyle magazine which has quickly grown to be one of the leading digital publications in the UK.

Their Focus

They focus on men’s style guides, sartorial rules and men’s clothing trends, whilst putting editorial at the heart, creating a clean design-led website and app.

Their Aim

They aim to bring you the latest runway collections and fashion news alerts from not only well-known fashion labels, but also up-and-coming brands and designers. MenswearStyle covers a wide range of male topics such as men’s beauty and men’s lifestyle, along with a street style gallery.

Follow them:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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How e-Rewards Can Save You Money


Ever wished you had a little extra to spend on the finer things?

A rare trip to the cinema with your partner. Upgrading your hotel room for a stunning balcony view. Little things you add to your calendar and look forward to impatiently. That’s what life’s all about, right?

No doubt it’s one of the main reasons you’re here at WPP. Looking for great value ways of experiencing a little luxury once in a while. Now, there’s a new way to live life a little more.

Introducing e-Rewards, the world’s largest opinion reward community. Take part in online surveys and earn points you can redeem for unbeatable rewards.

What rewards are on offer? Think Amazon shopping vouchers, air miles, hotel points, and more. You can even earn yourself a WPP subscription – all completely free. There’s something for everyone.

The surveys themselves can be finished in minutes, and you can take as many (or as few) as you like, when you like. You’ll share your views on the topics that matter to you, as well as taking on today’s burning issues. And it’s not just surveys.

You can also earn by taking part in:

  • Personal diary studies
  • Prototype product testing
  • Real-world local missions
 personal-diary-studies prototype realworld


It all helps to transform you into someone of influence. More than just helping you save at your favourite stores, you’ll help e-Rewards achieve its purpose: influencing the world of tomorrow.

Your thoughts and feedback go directly to the brands you use every day, helping the products and services you rely on get even better.

The whole experience is built around you. Share your opinion on the go with your smartphone. Here’s how you can start earning in your spare time.


Membership is strictly by invitation only, and for a limited time, WPP members are in. As mentioned, it’s completely free to take part and if you decide it isn’t for you, you can leave at any time.

Join our 2 million members by signing up for free today:

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Would you like to earn shopping vouchers and more with your opinion?
Answer online surveys and earn points redeemable for fantastic rewards 🎁
Try e-Rewards free today with our exclusive link and get rewarded every time you share what’s on your mind.

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From Fitness to Navigation Products


Innovation & Passion

Garmin has demonstrated innovation and a passion for design and fitness. This has built a strong reputation of durability and reliability in their products, making an impact on countless explorers in the most challenging places on Earth.

Garmin Watches

Enjoy the benefits of music, smart connectivity, Garmin pay on selected Garmin watches. With the brilliant basics such as great battery performance and it’s durable and water-resistant nature included in most Garmin watches, no matter your level of activity, all watches are designed to seamlessly fit into your lifestyle.

Monitoring your Fitness

As well as monitoring your stress, steps and calories, activity trackers automatically detect exercises and they can all be paired with your phone to log and review your daily activity on the free Garmin connect app. The specialist range also helps you track your fitness with added features to help maximise your performance. From golf watches to running watches, manage your training and keep your work out schedule fresh by creating your own custom workouts. When logged on your Garmin app, you can analyse your stats, helping you keep track of your fitness goals. Visit Garmin on World Privilege Plus

Their Guarantee

Garmin products purchased after 1st January 2019 have a warranty duration of two years from the date the customer purchases their Garmin device.

Faulty products that have been returned to store under warranty can be issued with either a refund or replacement once basic troubleshooting has been carried out.

For more information contact The Garmin Dealer Support Centre (Tel: 0808 238 0001) or visit

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Africa UK Pageant Launch

Africa Uk

World Privilege Plus are proud to support various events working closely with The Edge Events Events/PR company. We were delighted to be on the VIP guest list for the Africa UK Pageant launch at The Hilton Hotel (one of our hotel partners) at Cloud 23.

We arrived to a champagne reception to the sounds of Violin Around (the name of the violinist Adam who simply wowed the guests on the red carpet.

Africa UK Group Photo 2 Yanela wanted to change the whole concept of the traditional “beauty pageant” having discovered that in the UK  there was not a similar platform for beautiful & intelligent African women living in the UK to represent as brand ambassadors offering so much more in the way of an empowerment programme for 2020. The search starts now following the launch for Married or unmarried women (between ages 30-50)  

Amongst the guests were some high-profile contacts including Amanda Nkomo Miss World Zimbabwe 2017.

Claire Turpin one of the sponsors Owner of the lifestyle brand Contur and Ratnali Jewellery sponsored as well as some bespoke earrings (worn by Yanela).

@AfricaUKPageant #AfricaUKPageant2020

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Personal and Professional Hypnotherapist

Use hypnotherapy to help make changes to your thoughts, feelings and habits. Dan Russel specialised in Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Healing and Trance Healing, he will help take you to a deeply peaceful, pleasant and comfortable state of relaxation.

The powerful synthesis of trance, shamanic and hypnotic techniques that you will experience will provide highly effective and is practiced by professional hypnotherapist’s, psychologists and psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychiatric nurses and counsellors.

hypnotherapy-training-2Shamanic and Trance Healing will bring about physical or emotional change. Shaman will use any means available to bring about an improvement for the client often without any noticeable hypnotic induction.

If you wish to train in order to become a Hypnotherapist or Trance Healer you can apply to enrol on the basic foundation course of the Hypnotherapy Training Centre.

Our practice provides privately guided lessons on self-hypnosis. Please contact our office on 01228 401018 or email Dan Russell for further information.


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5 SuperUser Piano Places – Available Before 1st October

This is the first time that Declan has ever offered:

– EXCLUSIVE access to the MOST COMPREHENSIVE COURSE he’s ever done
– with PRIVATE TUITION, to fast track your progress
– check out the video above that explains all

Apply Before 1st Oct

Declan will select the 5 applicants based on who demonstrates their passion to learn to play piano.

To Apply:

To apply for a place – private message or email [email protected] (before 1st October)

For more information about Declan visit

Members get 50% discount 

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World Privilege Plus was super excited to attend the Women In Business 3rd Birthday. WPP are huge supporters of The Edge Events as well as being main sponsors.

David and LynetteWe have seen The Edge Events flourish and get better and better – each event bringing a unique twist. This one on Thursday 19th September 2019 was no exception!

The event started with a drinks reception sponsored by Diablesse rum. We enjoyed the clementine Cosmo complete with a twist of orange zest. Grindsmith coffee also provided a twist on the espresso martini in a cocktail.

We were thoroughly entertained by magician David Burgess who left us gasping “how did you do that”

We mixed and mingled with like minded business women and Men as well as celebrity Real Housewives Of Cheshire and business woman Magali Gorre. Lyn Cutler the brainchild behind her company took to the stage and announced the event explaining the Women in Business ethos which has rapidly expanded offering business women a platform to promote their brand and bringing more energy to the vibrant city of Manchester.

The day continued with an authentic Turkish 2 course lunch. The champagne was flowing as we enjoyed an amazing Sax Player Simon Levi well known on the Manchester scene, together with DJ Jordan Lorde.

Birthday BallonBeautiful brand products pop ups were on show from organic skincare by Liluna Organic and Arbonne both different brands offering fantastic skincare & organic products. Magnetix jewellery offered stunning jewellery with health benefits! All Companies run by women in business, including the cupcakes by Gordon & Bailys bakes & the balloon by pretty creation.

Some fantastic prizes were won including a World Privilege Membership for two worth £1000.

Well done Lyn Cutler for pulling on yet another fantastic event! We look forward to the next one!



(Photography credits: Alex Brown)

Content: Lyn Cutler The Edge Events.

Follow on twitter @theedgeevents #womeninbusiness

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