How to keep your staff motivated


We have all had those days when it’s harder to get out of bed or stuck on a task that just wont finish. So why wouldn’t your staff feel the same? How can we keep them motivated?

Recognition of success:

Although giving criticism is an important part of guiding employees to the rite path, it’s important to also points out the good things. Often jobs are stressful and employees have a lot of weight on their shoulders, sometimes a positive comment can go along way and just trusting your employees to do the job, after all you hired them for a reason.

Social Time:

Chatting with your peers can help your struggling staff, by talking and socialising they can learn and talk about what’s bothering them and find people in a similar situation as well as looking at the problem in a different perspective.

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How to keep your staff motivated with World Privilege Rewards

Keeping your employees happy

World Privilege Plus makes it easy for companies to delight their employees with the cool rewards provided through a closed membership platform. Stop thinking about rewards for your staff as purely one size fits all, we personalise the offers to fit your customer needs.

Our Rewards:

Our rewards programmes compliment any traditional offers you may run, as employees respond especially well to rewards that register in their emotional memory – such as a well-deserved weekend away, reservations at an otherwise-impossible-to-get-into restaurant, or tickets to see their favourite sports team crush their oldest rivals.

Get in Contact:

We’re ready to listen. It’s a great way to start. And we have a compelling story to share with you.
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