How Cycling became the new Golf + Exclusive member discount!

qOnce consigned to the pastime of choice for eccentric professors in tweed and bow ties, cycling seemed to morph into the sport of choice for professionals almost overnight.

You needn’t have paid much attention to the Rio Olympics to hear just how much UK cyclists have been dominating the sport. Much like the London Olympics in 2012, cycling has been thrust into the limelight with local heroes like Bradley Wiggins and Laura Trott becoming household names.

The commitment and dedication in these performances reverberates strongly with modern professionals. Setting off on a 100km ride on a Saturday morning with your friends, colleagues or business partners is a commitment that can’t be replicated by swinging at a golf ball & praying the wind sets it down roughly where you aimed for. And yet at the same time riding a bike is, well… as easy as riding a bike!

Cycling is so easy and so accessible, the same professionals out on the roads on Saturday can just as easily go for a bike ride with their families on Sunday.

There are no drawn-out 18-hole games here:

  • You can ride for as little or as long as you like
  • Almost anywhere you like
  • Whenever you like.

Once you’ve bought your bike and cycle gear, there are no course membership fees to pay (although if the bug really bites you might run up a nice tab at your favourite coffee spot). You can bring the kids along too, thanks to brands like ‘Frog Bikes’ who have revolutionised children’s bikes, they’re much safer and easier to ride than the crude & bulky contraptions we rode around on as kids!

The final nail in the coffin for Golf? High quality performance bikes are no longer the reserve of financial bankers and oil barons. Not only can you get 0% Finance on a bike, priced from as little as £250 up to the most jaw-dropping & impressive ‘crafted-by-men-in-labcoats’ machine you set your heart on, we have teamed up with to bring you a 10% discount on over a thousand bikes until September 11th.


10% discount on over a thousand bikes

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