World Privilege Plus & Global Reward Solutions


We have partnered to create the world’s largest benefits platform that let’s you deliver instant rewards everywhere!


Merchandise: Available in 135 countries, featuring hundreds of the world’s best selling brands from Apple to Morphy Richards, all in-country sourced and shipped within 2-3 days, over 1 million merchandise listings globally.

Digital Rewards: Available in 135 countries including digital eBooks, e-gift cards, travel & mobile top up, as well as music, magazines, movies & TV shows in select markets.

Hotel & Travel: Over 400,000 hotels, 250,000 resorts plus global air, car rental, cruise experiences and daily specials.

Mobile Top-up: Effortless management of your mobile account in 85 countries.

Worldwide Attractions: 1000s of attractions and tours, across seven continents, in over 137 cities.

Employee Benefits: Engage, motivate and excite your employees, reward targeted behaviour, reduce staff turnover and absenteeism, reduce company costs and offer significant ROI via increased productivity.

High Street Brands: 1000s of top name brands, save on groceries, retail, technical, home and garden, names that you know and love.

White Labels: Designed for organisations who want to reward customers or employees, exclusive and exciting benefit offering up to 80% off, branding with your company’s corporate identity.

Global Discounts: Dining, shopping, services, attractions, travel, movie tickets and sports and leisure activities, on sale merchandise, retail gift cards, online travel and mobile top up, flash sales and giveaways.

Mwoman cardember Benefits:

Membership provides access to over 300,000+ savings opportunities throughout Canada, US & UK – valuable savings on everyday essentials as well as inspirational activities.

Discount categories include: Dining, shopping services, attractions, travel, movie tickets, internet exclusives, sports & leisure activities, on sale merchandise, retail gift cards, online travel, and mobile top-up.

Level of discounts: Premium discounts include buy one, get one free and up to 50% off, frequent values provide ongoing savings of up to 20% off total purchase.

Discount redemption made easy: Printable online savings coupons, mobile redemption at point of sale or online redemption though our e-retailers.

To offer these benefits to your employees or customers, email Sheila at [email protected]

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