Matilda the Musical review

Matilda the Musical is the perfect combination of cute and creative. The extremely talented cast of children added a great dose of cuteness to this quirky production. Equally well casted was Miss Trunchbull and Matilda’s family members that kept the audience laughing and in suspense throughout the show.

The storyline was creatively bought to live in this West End show ensuring that the audience was dazzled with all the favourite scenes of the book and the movie, pleasing all ages with sad and slightly scary scenes and happy and hilarious moments.  

In the intimidating Cambridge theatre, the impressive stage set added dimension and height to the show. Re-animating itself with creatively designed moving parts. The stage had fantastic connections to Matilda’s character with subtle nods to books, learning and her wonderful imagination. 

The performance of Matilda was highly engaging. The cast and immersive storyline held the attention of the audience with suspense and humour. Overall, it was an amazing performance and a great night at the theatre, for all ages.

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