Thailand Travel Tips


Thailand is a beautiful country with so much to offer to tourists – from the paradise beaches to the delicious street food.  Not forgetting the friendly locals you meet along your travels!  We’ve put together some tips to make your trip to Thailand run smoothly so you have the best time. 

When to travel?

The cheapest time to travel is during monsoon season – typically between May and September.  Don’t let put you off though, rain only tends to last for an hour or so and can actually be quite refreshing in high temperatures!  Pretty much everything is cheaper during low season including hotels and hostels, flights and excursions.  If you’d rather miss the monsoon season the best time to go is between November and March when weather is typically dry and more comfortable temperature-wise.

What to pack?

Dressing in Thailand is super casual – think shorts and tank tops all round!  If your travelling throughout the country it’s definitely best to pack light.  Luckily as there isn’t a winter as such, you won’t need heavy items like jackets or jeans.  One thing to bear in mind is that when visiting temples (known as wats) is that you should be nicely covered.  In particular, women should have their shoulders and arms covered and wear a longer skirt or trousers.  It’s easy to pick things like this up whilst there and some temples even let you hire this kind of clothing for a small fee.

What should I eat?

We all know how delicious Thai food is at home – but food from the country itself is amazing!  For the most authentic experience we recommend sampling food from the thousands of street stalls you will see.  Some of the best dishes out there include Som Tam – a popular spicy salad made with  papaya and chilli, Tom Yum – a hot and sour soup with tangy flavours of lemongrass and lime, and not forgetting the infamous Pad Thai – lovely stir-fried noodles with vegetables and favourings.  Eating is cheap in Thailand, meaning you can try a bit of everything!

Which area should I stay?

Thailand has so many different areas to stay and visit.  Here’s a bit more about a few of the most popular places:

  • Koh Samui is an island paradise with enough variety to keep visitors entertained.  It’s easy to find a secluded cove to escape from the busy world or if you want something more lively head to the busy Chaweng  area where you’ll find an upbeat nightlife as well as shops, bars and restaurants.
  • Bangkok is Thailand’s capital and definitely the busiest area you’ll come across!  There is so much to do here, particularly the variety of markets – there are even floating markets on the river.  Bangkok isn’t the place to relax, it’s the place to shop, party and explore.
  • Phuket is another island that’s known for it’s idyllic beaches and lively night life.  There’s accommodation to suit all budgets from exclusive hotels to simple hostels.  Phuket is full of tourists from all over the world, you’ll definitely make friends here!

How can I get around Thailand?

Generally, transport in Thailand is really affordable all round.  For getting around local areas taxis can be very convenient and if there are a few of you sharing it works out pretty cheap.  For travelling further distances there are a few options – budget airlines fly between a lot of the main areas, trains and buses can be booked for certain destinations – bear in mind this is a much slower way to travel, but gives you a chance to take in some gorgeous scenery.  Car and motorbike hire is a great idea or giving you a little extra freedom – make sure you’re covered for this with your travel insurance!

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